The Reis Magos Fort is located in a small village called Reis Magos in the northern banks of the river Bardez, in the Indian state Goa. The fort is quite near to the capital city of Panjim which makes it appropriate for the tourists to visit. Reis Magos is a Portuguese which means Three Wise Men.

The architecture of the fort has the fusion of the Hindu and Portuguese style of architecture since it was designed several times under the rule of Portuguese and Marathas among others. The Reis Magos Fort was bounded with laterite walls in the entire exterior. From the height in which fort is built, one can get a splendid view of the surrounding area. The fort is preserved well over the years. Artefacts of more than 33 guns originally existed at the fort. Seven guns can be found within the fort in the present day context.

The fort was also made by the Portuguese in a manner where abundant amount of water can be preserved which were used during the time crisis. There is also church near the fort which further ads to its architectural heritage. Starting from the year the 1900s, the regular use of the fort reduced and it was finally abandoned in the year 1993.